The first full week of 2022. We started the week in Luzern, Switzerland, where we enjoyed strolling around the city. Tuesday we took our car two floors back up the car elevator, and drove home to the Netherlands.

The remainder of the week was given over to various chores at home. Removing the Christmas tree from the living room, and having it picked up for instance. It is now back with the grower and replanted. We’ll see the tree again next year.

I paid my income taxes for 2020. It was significantly higher than what I usually have to pay additionally, because of much lower deductable business costs during the first pandemic year. No travel costs for instance, no lunches during the week in other places than home.

I had some time to myself and used it to homecook some PHP scripts that let me create lists of books from the individual book notes in my personal knowledge management system. Solving this rather niche use case, where I publish a list of books I’ve read in the OPML format on my site, was much fun to do, and I marveled at my self-created ‘magic’ whenever I ran the script these past days. Having a computer do what you want it to do is as compelling to me now as it was when I wrote my first line of BASIC in 1982.
Having created the scripts, I now am spending some time on (re-)writing book notes.

Tomorrow regular activities will recommence. I’m happy the the schools are also opening up (they closed a week before the Christmas holidays as part of a more strict pandemic lockdown), which means that E and I have time to actually do things. As I wrote earlier, my schedule for 2022 is already full, focusing on the new incoming EU legislation w.r.t. digitisation and data. There is a lot going on, and I’m looking forward to diving in again after 2 weeks off.

A last look along the 14th century Kapellbrücke across the Reuss to the 1839 Theater and the 17th century baroque Jesuit church, before driving home.