A regular and filled week, with the start of an important season for our 5yr old: first it was St Maarten’s, with her going from door to door to sing and receive treats, and this weekend Sinterklaas arrived meaning she could leave her shoe out to receive a small gift in it during the night. In the coming weeks she can put her shoe out every Saturday. Exciting times! Towards the end of the week new measures w.r.t. the pandemic have been instated, limiting the opening hours of pubs and restaurants, reintroducing mask mandates in various places, and a return to working from home unless there’s a compelling need.

This week I

  • Started designing a session for the board and programme board of a client organisation, dedicated to the impact of the new EU regulatory framework for data
  • Drafted some potential actions for a research agenda for next year for a client, again based on the EU regulatory developments
  • Had a planning session with the JRC for a session on Digital Twins later this month
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had a working session with two colleagues from the University of Amsterdam on their work making a categorised list of existing Digital Twin projects in the Netherlands, comparing it with the list I’ve been keeping, and receiving their list.
  • Had a long meeting over dinner with my business partners. It’s been a long time we had such a face to face conversation to discuss various aspects of our business, discuss ideas, and the needs of our team.
  • Had a converation with a client and someone from OGC Europe
  • Came up with a new visualisation for the EU data regulations, that makes it less abstract hopefully, and allows organisations to plot their own position on the coming measures, to help decide their steps.
  • Had a session with a client to map the European data regulations on the draft vision for a renewed Dutch national geo-information infrastructure
  • Had a session with colleagues F and E to match the EU’s digital rights and principles, their translation into legal requirements in the upcoming EU laws, with the work they did on the ethical reference for the use of geo data, and the design principles and public values benchmark we’re going to include in the reference architecture for the Dutch national digital twin for the built environment, that I’m working on.
  • Had session with the reference architecture team, remote again this time after with the new pandemic measures in place.
  • Made some new notes, finally finding a bit of time to sit, think and write. During this week and last week that wasn’t really possible.

Corona, but different. The solar corona during the 1878 total eclipse, by Etienne Leopold Trouvelot, public domain. (New York Public Library, Wikipedia)

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