There are many companies named Meta, Opencorporates lists 8890 of them, about a third of them in the USA, and a handful named Meta Company. Interestingly the one doing the rounds the past few days with an ‘open letter‘ decrying Facebook’s behaviour in trying to wrest their name and domains from them, isn’t among them: Meta.Company. Nick Stulic, signing as founder, has no Google search results alongside the name Meta but without Facebook, and also has almost no online traces for the name only. Quite a feat in itself, but it raises questions in this context. There’s no Linkedin Profile for the name, the social media accounts have been created last month, and the domain has no archive traces earlier than this month. The logo above the letter has no results on

True, Open Corporates does not seem to hold US companies from Chicago/Illinois, where this one says to originate. Searching for the Meta company name in Chicago does surface a local fintech company that had an angel investment round last year. They used a different domain, (now for sale), and name a different founder. There is a Nick Stulic, who coded in python some years back it seems. The domain was registered in 2014.

But there is nothing about what the company actually does in the letter, nor is there anything but that letter on its website. The named legal offices exist but don’t pertain to the company, but to the suggested FB actions.

The ‘open letter’ precisely boosts a notion about FB that seems to fit perfectly, and that many will want to believe. But I’ll put this one in the stack marked fake.

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  1. @dajbelshaw @ton I agree. Fake. But hey, let’s keep this conspiracy going. I theorize that it was *Facebook* that created the fake letter, in order to distract from the real companies that are being crushed by their use of the popular ‘Meta’ name.

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