It was a busy yet stressless week. The weather was mild and dry, so it was nice to be about. I can hardly believe we’ve reached November now (Y asked for Christmas songs), which is somewhat stress inducing. It means just 8 more weeks until Christmas, and a lot to do till then.

This week I:

  • Participated in the INSPIRE conference, which took place the entire week. The entire conference this time was directly relevant for my work on the (local) implementation of the EU data strategy.
  • Did the final preparations and then (co-)hosted 5 sessions on the 3-day long Ministry for Infrastructure and Water Management’s Data Days. This ministry internal conference was meant to convey the current use, potential and plans for data usage within the ministry. With a little group we provided 5 sessions that formed almost a European track. I presented about the incoming EU legal framework as the first of the 5 sessions. Then I moderated three sessions where other group members talked about the role of existing INSPIRE efforts in this, the way the ministry’s engineering department ties their data work to EU (funding) programmes, and the way the Green Deal ambitions and laws impact the ministry and its data needs. Finally I led a workshop where we brought those four topics together (impact of rules, current data use and needs, EU collaboration and funding, impact of Green Deal goals) and made visible how it has immediate practical relevance to the current actual work of the participants.
  • Had an internal conversation about a new project at provincial level, and how to use our previous experiences with various provinces to shape it.
  • During that conversation one of our team remarked how they heard some of us refer to previous work in short-hand but not knowing to what projects it referred. “I don’t know what all has been done.” So I made a list of all the projects we’ve done together from 2010. I had forgotten some of them, and was impressed by the breadth and variety of things we’ve taken on over the years. It’s now published on our internal wiki/site.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Used the mild weather to do some more winter preparations in the garden, like removing garden chairs and pillows, storing the parasols, and bringing back the garden lights.
  • Did some Sinterklaas shopping for presents for Y
  • Changed my registered e-mail address with Flickr. It still used my old G-Mail address (see leaving G-mail) there a user name but for a long time it wasn’t possible to change that. Likely due to Flickr changing hands a few years ago and needing time to redo the infrastructure and back-end. Now it was finally possible, although it did still require manual intervention from a Flickr help desk person.
  • Did the Q3 VAT tax returns for the 5 entities I do the books for.
  • Reached a milestone with Y, who lost her first tooth.
  • Had a face-to-face board meeting of Open State Foundation in our new constitution, held in their Amsterdam offices. It was very good to talk and discuss like that, and to experience the immediate value the insights of two new board members bring.
  • Participated in the weekly half-day working session on a reference architecture for digital twins in the built environment. We’ve started using a respec wiki to initiate our writing. I successfully got my point across that translating the EU data strategy to this isn’t a matter of ‘compliance’ or ‘design principles’ but one of adapting all other capabilities and functionalities. Only that way will users of the reference be better procurers, and will feel no friction in achieving the also needed compliance.
  • Picked up Y from school Friday afternoon, had our likely last icecream in the sun this year (not in the least because it was down to the last scrapings at the ice cream place, and they’re not making new batches), and played outside. At some point she felt ill, and we headed home. Luckily it was just a short episode, and she was fine again by the next morning.
  • Went shopping with Y and E to check out a new bed at Ikea for Y.
  • Went to a wholesale store for restaurants (as a business owner I have access, and I use it to shop for some non-standard foods), but saw my presence there cut short: a fire broke out in the machine room. So I left my cart and exited the building. Continued shopping at a regular supermarket. The interesting bit is that it felt like a very non-urgent urgency, meaning the fire alarm, response by staff and evacuation process fully worked as intended.
  • Spent a day and evening finalising the 2020 books and doing the corporation tax returns for them for three entities I do the books for (our company, my holding company of my ownership in our company, and the membership organisation I’m the treasurer of).

  • A new coffee place opened up next to the Vathorst railway station. I had a good espresso on their first morning of business, while waiting for my train.

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