I was in Enschede today for a conference, and had dinner in ‘Foodies’ right across the square from the railway station. I had planned it differently, but my used-to-be-favourite watering hole didn’t have the Grolsch fall bokbier I wanted, and my fav ‘for old times sake’ mutton shoarma restaurant had closed down because of the pandemic. I walked back towards the station and ended up in Foodies. Here there used to be La Cucina, previously La Cuisine in a different spot, which was E’s and my favourite restaurant in Enschede for many years. After they went out of business something else took over, and now it’s called Foodies. Good beers on tap, and some good wines, it turned out today. The food is nice enough, well above pub grub and at very reasonable prices (I think they should want to charge more for dishes and up their game), and as they are near the railway station you can eat there and never miss your connection.

The real story however is about the current proprietor. He used to be a student at the Leeuwarden hospitality management school. He was supposed to do an internship, but as everything was locked down due to the pandemic there was no internship to be had. Instead he decided to open up his own pub and restaurant, and with the help of his parents chose Foodies. His mom served me my drinks, temporarily she hoped/thought, and he ran the place, chatted with customers while serving. Becoming a restaurant owner is his internship.

I admire his entrepreneurial guts, and wish him well, a lot. He definitely succeeded in making the large venue look and feel cosy, something our fav restaurateurs of old never quite succeeded in in the same spot. I will return to Foodies on my next Enschede visit.

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