A regular week, with ongoing nice weather. This week I

  • did some additional invoicing, discussed a project proposal with a client, and saw another proposal accepted
  • visited Amsterdam for a conversation with two businessowners I know through Mensa, about connecting business activities to the SDGs
  • removed more Flickr embeds from this blog
  • helped prepare a series of 4 sessions within a ministry on data usage, to take place late next month
  • reviewed a client project both internally, and with the client, and came to the conclusion we’ll not be continuing it.
  • paid the monthly salaries
  • worked on a wiki for the upcoming EU legal framework on digital and data matters
  • Talked to the board of the Dutch ‘data union’, which seeks to represent citizens against big tech, and offered them a session on how the proposed EU legal framework for data ties to the different aspects of their mission
  • went out for lunch with E, to chat and hang out with the two of us
  • had an extended conversation about the work being done at the Dutch Navy’s hydrographic services and how it’s connected to my work on the EU data framework
  • enjoyed the great weather during the weekend with E and Y, going out for lunch, cycling, a walk in the woods, and spotting beaver tracks and gnawing marks
  • picked the apples from our tree

Passing by an old farm’s field. Duist used to be a municipality, which was dissolved in 1857