It was a pretty regular working week, with a burst of great late summer weather, allowing us to spend time in the garden. It was very clear people have returned to work after the summer and are doing with renewed energy. A very different tone and pace than before the summer holidays.

This week I

  • Spent most of my time on my work w.r.t. the EU data and digital strategies
  • Had a conversation about potentially taking on a role as treasurer of the Dutch Mensa entrepreneurs association
  • Discussed my contribution to a data conference organised by the ministry for infrastructure and water management next month
  • Had a conversation with the Province of Limburg as part of a market consultation for their data and infomration management
  • Did the monthly invoicing
  • Finished removing all Amazon links from this blog, as well as all YouTube and Vimeo embeds. Still working on changing Flickr embeds to locally hosted images.
  • Visited a frame maker with E to get five things framed. Two posters we bought at the Louisiana Museum this summer. A print of Hockney’s Arrival of Spring from the Royal Arts Academy which was my globetrotting birthday present for E, and two large Magnum photo prints by Elliot Erwitt framed. We saw an Erwitt exhibition in Lucca in 2015, and I kept an eye on prints sold through Magnum since, until they became available earlier this year. Should be ready in a week.
  • Packed up the car with camping gear for the annual get-together of E’s mother’s extended family this weekend. It was good to see everyone again.