Thank you for your all your efforts to maintain these ground a non-tracking heaven but also for sharing a lot of hidden issues in these (less beautiful) internet times that we are going through. In my case, for long I stopped linking the books, given that search engines are so good, I only mention the authors, title and sometimes the publishers, given that translations can end up in different wording. Regarding Amazon, I was such a fan since the beginning, when I was studying in Macao and they where the only way I could get some great material for my education, cause at the time, the only libraries around where in Chinese and I wasn’t proficient to read it. But then, Amazon turn less of a heaven and more of a nightmare of tracking everywhere, everything, something I dislike a lot. Some time ago I decide to do erase my account for good, stopping convenience but returning to rediscovering the serendipity of find books in libraries, in someone post, a citation, a footnote… Recommendations only from people I know and without commercial interests. As for my blog, in order to stop the tracking i should have it removed from the platform where it was created, long before, like Amazon, they where doing amazing things for the Commons.