A week with almost no appointments with clients, and it was relatively slow paced, allowing me some time to write and blog.
This week I

  • took part in our team’s weekly check-in on Monday
  • had the weekly meeting with one of my clients, where some had returned from their summer vacationing
  • did some reading up on the planned European data spaces, and the current status of the proposed EU Data Governance Act
  • worked on a reply to the EU’s public consultation on a Data Act, to be proposed late this year
  • watched The Social Dilemma. E suggested to also watch Coded Bias.
  • made some progress in arranging a birthday gift for E
  • went out for coffee and lunch with E in Utrecht, which was fun
  • had an all hands half day meeting with our team in person. It was good to meet everyone and hang out together
  • wrote a brief text on why I have a strong aversion of civil servants using a variety of terms for people they interact with but avoiding the one that matters: citizen
  • had a MT meeting, discussing the core financials of my company and looking ahead to the last 4 months of the year
  • had niece C visit Y for a sleep-over
  • met up with old friend D, we were on a student board together 25 yrs ago. He recently became the mayor of a small municipality, so it was fun to hear what that is like, as well as catch-up in general.
  • decided to take another week off, and to spend it in Versailles and Paris. Where we drove today and set up our tent, and where I’m writing these week notes

Settling in on the camp ground at Versailles, Y helping to pump up the tent.

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