The first week back after our vacation in Denmark. Most clients and contacts are still away themselves so it was a week without meetings or appointments.

This week I

  • Took time to re-acquaint myself with the various things I am working on, reviewing where I left of, and where I think things should go the coming months
  • Did some invoicing
  • Had conversations with my colleagues about the various client projects currently in progress
  • Volunteered to review Dutch data protection related decisions for noyb, the European activism hub for all things data protection, and became a supporting member
  • Took time to take a look at my photos from our stay in Denmark, and diving more deeply into the exhibitions we saw at the Louisiana museum
  • Went into town to buy a new shirt in prep for E’s brother’s wedding on Friday, and came home finding Y fell ill
  • Looked in detail at two EU public consultations, on its digital rights and principles, and on the upcoming Data Act.
  • Started making keyboard text expansion templates to replace the website plugin I use to make replies, bookmarks, favourites and check-ins on this site.
  • Did not go to E’s brother’s and his husband’s wedding to take care of Y who was still ill. E had arranged to livestream the ceremony, so I watched that with Y. I’m sorry to have missed the party.
  • Had lunch with the three of us in town today at a tiny Italian restaurant Riposo we like, which was very nice.

Having lunch at the 13th century Hof square in Amersfoort, the old heart of the city.

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