Favorited Splash Mi’kmaq all over Epekwitk! by Thelma Phillips

Words and language matter a lot. Even if you can’t understand their meaning, their presence is a message unto itself. One of acknowledgement in this example of using more Mi’kmaq on Epekwitk / Prince Edward Island. The absence of words or a language similarly sends a message, sometimes one of exclusion or willful omission. It easily pushes all kinds of emotional buttons too, meaning that any attempt to change the use of words or including an addtional language quickly becomes a complicated discussion. Such as we’ve seen since the 1950’s in the gradual re-introduction of Frisian topographic names in Fryslân, a Dutch province in the north with its own language. I definitely come down on the side of more words and more languages, embracing the complexity of humanity is a source of beauty and meaning.

….it is time that the Mi’kmaq language is used more widely across PEI and not just in token, select settings. The Mi’kmaq people don’t have the power to change signage and usage, but you do.

Thelma Phillips

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  1. Thanks, Ton, this is very helpful. There are many complicated discussions ahead, to be sure, but I am optimistic that they will be worthwhile!

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