This was a week in which I didn’t get to do much at all.

  • On Monday I got my first vaccination shot, in Hilversum about 30 mins from here.
  • Apparently as an after effect of the vaccination I was very tired so Tuesday was a day without much activity.
  • The rest of the week was very hot, so I tried to be active int the morning, and do less in the afternoon.
  • Started reading a few non-fiction paper books in parallel, while taking hand written notes on my Nova 2 which I bought a year ago
  • Had a range of internal meetings, reflecting on a past project, planning for the ‘workation’ next week where we rented vacation homes for our entire team for a week, discussing our internal documentation system
  • Started the Q2 bookkeeping for the VAT returns early, because the due date will fall within my summer vacation time, so I’m trying to prevent doing it in a hurry during my days off
  • Was unhappy with not doing much on client projects
  • Visited friends in Enschede, who live near our former house

  • At our friends’ place, Y drawing a castle (example standing next to her) on a big piece of paper, while listening to an audiobook

    2 reactions on “Week Notes 21#24

    1. Canadian insomniacs and overnight workers remember Hilversum well as the home of Radio Netherlands, one of the stations from which our CBC drew programming for the overnight hours here.

      • ah yes, Radio Netherlands was abolished in 2012, its public tasks partly taken over by an NGO. Though Hilversum was and is ‘radio city’ in the sense that most broadcasters have their offices there, as did Radio Netherlands, but it had its transmitters elsewhere, first in Lopik/IJsselstein, later in the Flevoland polder (where there was plenty space for the shortwave antennapark.
        Myself I grew up listening to Radio Luxembourg on medium wave late at night for the latest music.

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