A week that saw me return to a more regular state. I’m writing this on Monday evening, which is a holiday and feels like it is actually Sunday evening. So I missed my regular moment of posting week notes. I’ll post date this to yesterday when I publish.

This week I

  • Did the monthly invoicing for my company
  • Also met payroll for the same. It’s actually a source of satisfaction every month that I send out those payments to our team.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Discussed the paths forward for the national program on satellite data provision, in response and anticipation of the upcoming EU legal framework, for the topic to be included in the interdepartmental discussions on this program
  • Had a board meeting of the NGO I chair
  • Particpated in the Open Government Alliance’s first session, a network of various stakeholders around the Dutch Open Government Action Plan
  • Created and gave two presentations on the proposed EU legal framework for digitisation, AI and data use, which I think were both well received. Specifically it seemed a novel notion to treat the half dozen now proposed legal instruments as part of a whole and as a system, which articulates the EU’s geopolitical position on everything digital and data.
  • Went into town to get one of the presents for Y’s birthday coming week
  • Had the quarterly session with the Tactical Council on EU information, which advices the Dutch Geo Information council
  • Prepared a session next week for a client with the JRC
  • Picked up the painting, silk screen print and photo print I had framed.
  • Did some work in the garden, planting some vegetables with Y.

But first, coffee. Neon sign in a coffee / icecream place in our neighbourhood.