A week of mixed feelings, which started of rather ineffective, and got better towards the end. Tuesday was a national holiday so Y was home from school. Although it was rainy and still rather chilly, the trees around the neighbourhood, and the apple tree in our garden have decided it is now spring and are fully blossoming.

This week I

  • Worked on processing the output of two workshops on intergovernmental audits, but couldn’t bring it to a delverable report yet as I had wanted.
  • By going through my Flickr camera roll I created a note of every trip abroad I made since I started using Flickr in 2005. With a little data view query I then collated those trips into yearly overviews, which I found a strangely pleasing result of my tinkering
  • Had the weekly call on our community stewarding work for citizen sciencein Rotterdam
  • Donated my laser cutter and computer controlled milling machine to the local De WAR collective, to be used on their Kempenaar barge the Serendiep (‘Serendeep’). Years ago I fancied having my own little FabLab at home, but especially the fumes of a laser cutter were undesirable around the home. The Serendiep is a floating FabLab, theater and event space, as well as a pop-up festival facility. I brought the machines to the ship in the Amersfoort harbour, got a tour of the barge, and had a good long conversation with its owners Diana and Harmen over tea.
  • Had a conversation with the Ministry for Infrastructure and Water management
  • Deep read the newly proposed EU AI regulation
  • Participated in a consultation session of the Ministry for Economic Affairs on the EU AI Regulation
  • Did a session with the Open State Foundation to explain the emerging EU legal framework on digitisation, data and AI, and how the elements together form a system
  • Did the Q1 bookkeeping and VAT returns for the 5 entities I keep books for.
  • Started working through the scanned pages of a paper notebook, containing notes from the end of 2012 to the summer of 2014. After hosting the first Dutch Obsidian meet-up last week, I digitised this first notebook with my standing scanner with foot trigger, and imported the scans into Obsidian. It feels nice as well as surprisingly frictionless to incorporate selected material from those years into my notes/notions.

On the playground with Y, surrounded by the now blossoming trees