An intensive week, much like last week. Although the apple tree in the garden has many blossom buds it’s still cold, with some frosty nights. Very different from last year when we could spend lots of time outside in the garden. The comparison makes us feel locked more into our home than a year ago when all this was new.

This week I

  • took care of Y early in the week who had a fever
  • gave a brief presentation to a client explaining my assingment to their colleagues
  • outlined the various relevant connections between the upcoming EU regulations w.r.t. data and AI, and the smart mobility sector
  • reviewed our Q1 efforts for the Rotterdam citizen science project on air quality both internally and with the client
  • discussed our progress in finding new indicators for intergovernmental audits
  • participated in a half day event show casing a range of digital twin projects around geospatial data
  • read the newly proposed EU AI regulation with much interest
  • did a stakeholder mapping sessio with a client
  • participated in a ‘Measure your city meet-up‘ the local citizen science project which I’m participating in
  • the weekly meetings with clients
  • a planning and reflection session with a client
  • participated in an event showcasing a variety of uses of satellite data
  • followed-up with various participants in the events I took part in
  • printed a number of my own photos and put them in frames on my home office window sills
  • hosted the first Dutch language Obsidian users meet-up