It was an intensive week. It was also still a cold spring week, although finally over the weekend we got to enjoy some sunrays in the garden.

This week I

  • Did an intensive but useful workshop with civil servants from regional and local governments working on monuments, looking at intergovernmental audits of monument care
  • Had a very interesting conversation with the hydrographic service, part of the Dutch navy
  • Readied a narrative survey, where people can share their experiences, for our Rotterdam air quality citizen science project
  • Saw the Rotterdam air quality project launched
  • Discussed a kick-off event between my client Geonovum and the JRC for their new MoU
  • Approved the 2020 year report and financial year report of the Open State Foundation, the NGO I chair
  • Tracked the fall-out of a procurement scandal (a billion Euro was allocated without proper public procurement procedures) concerning the Open Nederland Foundation, which online regularly got confused with the Open Nederland Association of which I’m the treasurer. Spent quite some time pushing back on online accusations addressed to us.
  • Did the monthly invoicing
  • Had the various weekly client meetings
  • Started building a list of Digital Twin projects, because I’m curious to see if they refer to each other/build on each other (my expectation is no, or in a very limited way)