Another regular week, and that suits me fine. This week I,

  • Did an intensive workshop with over 30 people on intergovernmental audits on information and archive management
  • Had a preparatory meeting for another such workshop, this time for audits concerning municipal monument care
  • Had a pleasant meeting with potential new board members for the NGO I chair
  • Discussed and created a proposal for a new client
  • Did the weekly client meetings
  • Discussed how to grow our company’s knowledgebase, now a small website with info for new colleagues
  • Had a conversation with the board of the Dutch ‘data-union’ to explore if I can become active there
  • Deleted our company’s previous cloud service, completing the move to a fully local and privacy minded service provider
  • Had a good conversation with a Ministry contact about the progress or lack thereof in the transposition of the Open Data Directive into Dutch law
  • Created a testable version of the story collection point for our air quality project in Rotterdam
  • Visited the dentist because a wisdom tooth caused some trouble. Likely will need to be removed soon.
  • Drove to Zeeland, which gave Aotearoa its western name, with E and Y on Friday afternoon, where we spent the easter weekend.

At the North Sea shore, near the mouth of the Eastern Scheldt and the 3km southern leg of the 9km storm surge barrier is visible to the right, photo by me, license CC BY SA