There’s this little thing in the LinkedIn UI that keeps tripping me up, and that I find highly irritating.

After an event I’ve participated in I usually search some of the participants on LinkedIn, to connect to them. Sometimes there’s a number of people with the same name. So I click on a name, and then to make sure that it’s the right person I sometimes click on the profile pic, to see if I recognise them from the call or meeting I just left. That enlarged profile pic is presented as a floating overlay, and it features a prominent X on the top right to close it. Great, so I click the X to close the image, returning to the profile, and then if it is the wrong person I click the browser back button to get back to search results. But clicking the back button in the browser _reopens_ the profile pic! The X in the image suggests that’s the way to close it, and I automatically do because it’s so routine, but opening the profile pic gets written to the browser history / back button. So the most effective behaviour for me would be to click the browser’s back button immediately after I’ve opened a profile pic and ignore the big X LinkedIn shows me. LinkedIn, remove the X in the image, or remove writing opening the image to the browser back button!

A video showing the UI behaviour.

(My apologies to Frank for using him as unwitting participant for demonstration purposes. No profiles were harmed in the production of this video.)

2 reactions on “A Regular LinkedIn UI Irritant

  1. “LinkedIn, remove the X in the image, or remove writing opening the image to the browser back button!”

    No. Better just go back to previous page on click X.

  2. As it turns out, one of my readers has a sibling working at the development side of LinkedIn. They checked internally and this issue is on the list of things to fix, but had drifted down the list. With my posting the internal ticket got a little nudge towards getting attention.

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