A cellist in the garden of the Lousiana Museum
photo Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY NC SA

The Lousiana is a beautiful museum that we love visiting. Hidden in the landscape north of Copenhagen with a beautiful sculpture garden looking out over the sea. In October 2012 we enjoyed lovely sunlight at the end of the afternoon, strolling through the garden. A cellist had his picture taken, for a portret, poster or album sleeve I assume. I printed this photo because of its greenness, to put it next to the red photo I shared earlier this week.

Now that we haven’t been able to travel much and the daily scenery isn’t much different from day to day, I’ve taken to browsing through my Flickr photo archive where I keep over 30.000 photos of the past 16 years. Last week I printed a number of photos to put in the frames on the window sills of my home office. I will be posting some of them here this week.

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