Next door to Torre AgbarThe lightened plane of conversation
photo Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY NC SA

During the same 2013 trip to Barcelona as yesterday’s photo, I took this shot. My father and I were walking past the Barcelona Design Museum on our way to Torre Agbar. I took this photo through the windows at the front of the building, through to the other side of the building, where at the back of the museum people were sitting on the steps leading to a pool. I very much like the division in different planes, much like a Mondriaan, but then without his primary colors, and much more understated, yet with three people conversing in the brightest part surrounded by lines.

Now that we haven’t been able to travel much and the daily scenery isn’t much different from day to day, I’ve taken to browsing through my Flickr photo archive where I keep over 30.000 photos of the past 16 years. Last week I printed a number of photos to put in the frames on the window sills of my home office. I am posting some of them here this week. This one I did not print, for now, but it is on my longlist.

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