Café Beaubourg
Andy Warhol gets a kiss from Edwige Belmore while a lady takes her coffee
photo Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY NC SA

I took this picture at the end of January 2008 while visiting Paris with E, having just left my last job formally that day, and starting out on my own. We were having coffee in the 4th Arrondissement’s Café Beaubourg, next to the Centre Pompidou that we visited. I liked the curved backs on the chairs, both inside and outside, and they still have them 13 years on. Then my eye fell on the art on the wall, which I now know is a series of images where Andy Warhol gets a kiss from French punk icon Edwige Grüss-Belmore, from a 1977 issue of the magazine Facade. I liked the composition of the straight lines of the artwork, the curvy chairs and the lady drinking coffee underneath it at the end, in clothes that match the colors of the environment and looking into the camera fashionably bored.

In the printed version I cut off the pillar on the left edge of the image.

Now that we haven’t been able to travel much and the daily scenery isn’t much different from day to day, I’ve taken to browsing through my Flickr photo archive where I keep over 30.000 photos of the past 16 years. Last week I printed a number of photos to put in the frames on the window sills of my home office. I will be posting some of them here this week.

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