A pretty regular week, a pretty unremarkable one. This week I

  • started using Obsidian’s dataview which allows building queries across my notes collection and show the results in notes themselves
  • discussed a potential new client engagement
  • had the weekly client meetings
  • worked on a narrative inquiry website
  • participated in the European ENDORSE conference, on reference data and semantics
  • discussed and detailed three internal projects for the coming 2-3 months, on building a training product, a company knowledge base, and on networking
  • had our monthly all hands meeting
  • adapted the definition of done of an ongoing project
  • described the intended results of a project on making intergovernmental audits more data savvy
  • saw the intergovernmental audit project accepted
  • did the YTD bookkeeping for the company
  • deep read a number of EU law proposals
  • booked a vacation home by the sea for a weekend away
  • re-evaluated my use of LinkedIn

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