A spam message, uncaught by the spam filters, landed in my inbox this morning. I’m somewhat glad it did, as it made me laugh.

After the classic ‘hi we’re so-and-so and want to enter into business with you’ I still didn’t know what they actually wanted from me. Reading the last line then made me laugh: We Need Fresh Garlic.
Much better than ‘kind regards’ etc.

I of course looked the mentioned company up: the description is lifted from Wikipedia of a company that ceased to exist under that name in 2008. The signature/address is of a different company by more or less the same name, that does still exist and is employee owned, also according to Wikipedia. So I learned a few things about the grocery sector in two US states, which I will likely forget. But the clearly expressed need, capitalised because of its urgency, will stay with me for a long time.

We Need Fresh Garlic!

We all do, I think.

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