Talking with E tonight about how many people we know are involved in organising their own events, we made a quick list. That list now contains 38 people, most of which we’ve known for a long time. That’s a group big enough to do a unconference / barcamp style event about event organising in itself!

The experiences of those people run from small workshops to global conferences. Myself, I’ve been active across that full spectrum as well. From BlogWalks and IndieWebCamps with two dozen people, our birthday unconferences (40 people in our home, 100 at the subsequent bbq), to national conferences, side-events at European and global conferences, European conferences in different countries with 300-400 people, to an edition of the global FabLab conference. The interesting bit is that for myself and almost all of the people on the list we just made, organising events wasn’t/isn’t our main activity. Often those events basically are a side activity, an emergent property of other work.

Ross Mayfield in a blog conversation in 2005 said “it’s cheaper to host your own event than attend one”. Not always cheaper I know, but it’s definitely more logical a lot of times. It’s a logic E and I, and those many people we listed just now have followed for about two decades now. Where can you and us take that the coming years?

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