The Obsidian Android mobile app is now available in private beta. As one of the voluntary financial supporters I received early access to it. Installed it on my android tablet and my phone. The mobile app allows you to use syncing services of your choice. Except that Nextcloud hasn’t yet got a folder/file syncing client for Android yet. So for now I’m using Obsidian’s own (end to end encrypted) syncing service. Laptop, tablet and phone are all synced up. Looking forward to experimenting with it. Also will try and run it on my BOOX Nova2 e-ink reader, which also is an android device.

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  1. @ton Interesting as I use Obsidian on my work machine to build a knowledge base, but I wondered…why shouldn’t it work with Nextcloud’s sync? Do you mean it’s not supported by the Obsidian app?What keeps you from just syncing the Obsidian folder and accessing the synced folder on the Android device?

  2. Ton, is this full read and write? I’ve been waiting on the iOS version, which is stated to be mostly just read (perhaps also with capture, but no edit), which doesn’t get me far.


  • Scott Mortimer

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