This week I felt rather well, which coincided with sunny (cold) weather. I assume that’s correlated. Although schools were supposed to reopen Monday, unexpectedly Y’s school opened Tuesday. As E had a full day of training, I took care of Y, and didn’t work. From Tuesday the weather cleared, school was open, and I had time to do things.

This week I

  • Brought Y to school on a sleigh in the mornings. A thing tremendously enjoyed by both of us
  • Edited a role and process description for an open data coordinator in a client organisation
  • Edited a ‘definition of done’ document for a client project
  • Read a whole batch of documents on EU digital and data strategy, programs and actions within those strategies
  • Participated in my first of what will be weekly meetings for the rest of the year, of the Geonovum INSPIRE team
  • Budgeted a project for improving data use for intergovernmental audits
  • Participated in the Dutch Tactical Council EU Info quarterly meeting. Interesting discussions, and I now have a better sense of what I can contribute in the coming months
  • Explored AlfredApp Workflows
  • Discussed INSPIRE, how it is currently implemented in Greece, and how the EU data strategy might impact Greece
  • Spent Friday afternoon with Yfke on the ice, her first time. She loved it. Y spent most of the weekend on the ice.

E and Y on the ice this weekend. Photo by me, license CC-BY-SA.