My mood and focus improved again this week, which is good news. I still got bogged down in more handover work than I expected beforehand, but all in all this week was ok.

This week I:

  • Did some invoicing and prepared for the January invoicing, which I’ll do the coming wee
  • Reviewed the procurement terms by a service provider for some data for a client, to help guard their data sovereignty as a public body.
  • Moved my mail archives to the new laptop (I use Mailsteward for it), and switched to local archiving on the new laptop. As I’m working from home anyway, there is currently no need to keep any e-mail in the IMAP’d inbox, as I won’t be accessing it from my mobile or tablet anyway. This meant I could happily archive anything that was in there, and have been able to declare inbox 0 the entire week. It showed me how often I tend to check mail on my phone, as I now noticed there was never anything on my screen! Let’s see if my average use time on my phone decreases the coming week.
  • Made a first design for a story telling site, where we plan to collect individual experiences w.r.t. air quality, as part of the citizen science community building project in Rotterdam we started last month. The idea is to look for patterns in the collected stories, and run the ‘survey’ for the entire 2.5 years the project is scheduled for.
  • Made some but relatively limited progress in reading the documentation on all the EU data related policies and regulations. I am working towards a legal, organisational and content timeline to provide a helicopter view of everything that has a bearing on data. This entire year I will spend about half my time on this subject and making a (moving) ‘map of the world’ will be very useful to me and the client(s). I’m tackling these documents with a lot of note taking into my PKM system, and I’m starting to feel the momentum that is bringing.
  • Revised a document describing a role and process description for the open data coordinator and data publication efforts of a client. Not finished as I had hoped, but nearly.
  • For the Open Nederland association I reviewed the received comments on the draft statutes, and presentend them in the General Assembly where we approved the statutes. Now I can have them notarised and registered. This will allow us to start the process of getting recognised as a public benefit institution (promoting open knowledge and creative commons).
  • With the move to a new laptop I’ve left behind my previous feedreader, ReadKit, and have been using my personal TinyTinyRSS instance. I run it on one of my domain names since some time already, but now adopted it as my main feed reader as an experiment how that fits/feels in my workflow. Started musing about feed reading again because of it.
  • Due to the forecasted snow followed by a week of freezing temperatures (up to -15C) accompanied by strong winds, made some preparations like wrapping some potted plants, bringing the sleigh and snow shovel from the shed into the house. And, because the supermarket cancelled deliveries because of the weather, made an unforeseen trip to the supermarket myself to stock up for the coming week.
  • Today was a relaxed day with lots of fun in the snow with Y. I feel physically tired, not mentally tired, and I realised how it has been the other way around for a year now. I suspect I’ll sleep as well as Y tonight (she didn’t make a peep anymore after her head hit the pillow).

Primary schools are reopening as of tomorrow, so Y will be in school in the mornings, allowing E and me a bit more time for ourselves and work than in the past weeks of lockdown.

Y was ready to go outside into the snow as soon as she woke up, and spent most of the day outside