There is a new community built plugin available for Obsidian: Journey.

It’s a tool that figures out the connecting path between two notes. When you give it note A as starting point, and B as destination it will show the notes between that build a path from A to B. There are settings to exclude specific folders, backlinks, or not use #tags as connecting pivot, or ignore notes that have more than a certain number of links (your indexes, tables of content, outlines etc). It’s a useful way to let myself be surprised by connections through my notes and notions, to see how my thinking is linked. That is valuable when asking questions of my notes, and interacting with it to further my own thinking. It also has ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button that selects two notes at random to explore if a path exists between them.

Some discussion about the Journey plugin with feature descriptions and screenshots is in the Obsidian forum. To install it, you can find the plugin by searching Community plugins in Obsidian’s settings.

(found through Frank Meeuwsen‘s daily automated e-mail with the latest Obsidian discussions from the Obsidian Forum and the subreddits for Obsidian, Zettelkasten and notetaking.)

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