It’s from 2017 but I just came across it, and it made me laugh: Ramsey Nassr’s Dialogue 3D, a fork of Wolfenstein 3D that asks you ethical questions. Nassr writes “a dialog box prompts players with ethical questions about violence against Nazis whenever they try to attack” although “that the Nazis continue to attack while the dialog box is open renders the game generally unplayable“.

In my university years I played this MS-DOS game Wolfenstein 3D, the original first person shooter in 3d, a lot when it came out in the early 90’s. Right when I and my friends were on the verge of getting bored with the original, some fellow students one apartment tower block down the road created a level-editor for Wolfenstein. Then we started recreating our student housing in Wolfenstein, changing med kits for crates of the locally brewed Grolsch beers and switching the hanging skeletons to Big Bird in blue. Why Big Bird? Because we once found a very large stuffed Big Bird, which in the Dutch version of Sesame Street is blue. We clothed it with a neat tie and hung it from the ceiling in our apartment. A few years later our student union moved to a new building, and the guy leading the design effort used the Wolfenstein level editor to create the proposed spaces in 3d and ‘show us around’ at the student union’s general assembly when we voted on the plans.

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