The first full week of the new year. We’re in a stricter form of lockdown since mid December, and it means that Y is at home as the schools are closed. This means both E and I work half days, and that we split the time minding our daughter. This reduces what we can do during the week obviously.

I had a hard time getting back to work this week, and at the same time having only half days means things getting things done was already hard to begin with.

This week I

  • Got the ok on a 3 month citizen science project on air quality, starting next week, and did some first planning for it
  • Got the ok on a year long role to coordinate Dutch efforts influencing European plans on geospatial data, and to translate new regulations to opportunities for the network of both providers and users of such data in the Netherlands, starting in two weeks. Had a conversation with the client, and did some reading of background material for it
  • Restarted my work for a provincial open data platform
  • Restarted my work on using (open) data for sustainable infrastructure for a province
  • Had a meeting with my business partners discussing the new year
  • Created the 2021 budget for my company, and the (spreadsheet) tool I use to track expected liquitiy for the year
  • Spent quite a bit of time with Y
  • Had an all-hands meeting to kick-off the new year
  • Removed the Christmas tree from the living room, and stored the decorations
  • Had a pleasant dinner with my sister and brother in law
  • Did not get to make notes, only 5 or so, as I currently don’t have access to my feedreader, and in general I did not have time to sit down and work on notes

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