This final week of the year I tried to take it easy, and succeeded for the most part. Still, I spent about a day on providing a notary with the right information and signatures. Our company bought back the shares of one partner, who is too busy with a different venture, and we sold part of those shares to our colleague J. This was already agreed quite some time ago, but not yet arranged. Everything was registered on the 31st.

On the 30th I posted my annual posting looking back on the past year. I’ve been doing it for the 11th time and it is still a good tradition, as a reminder to self about the things I thought fulfilling.

Other than that, I read the ‘Suikerbastaard’, a book that E gave me last September when we were hiking in the south of the Netherlands for a weekend, and I did some groceries shopping. For New Year’s Eve we drove to E’s parents in the north. We had quarantined since before Christmas to make that visit possible. We made ‘oliebollen’ and ‘kniepertjes’ together, and Y had a great time with her grand parents which she hadn’t seen for four months.

We’re back home now. Today we had a chat over coffee with M and J and their son H in Münster, Germany. Catching up with what happened the past year.

My laptop’s batteries finally gave up completely this week. I’ve been using a newly acquired Lenovo tablet in the past days, waiting for my new laptop to arrive which may take 3 or 4 weeks still. Coming week I will bring in my old laptop to have the batteries replaced if possible. Other than the batteries the laptop is fine, so no reason to completely ditch it yet. E has lent me her Air for the coming days, as only working on a tablet isn’t really possible. The coming week isn’t very busy in terms of appointments, so I should have enough time to figure out a temporary workflow.

Happy new year!