This week was nominally not a working week, but some administrative stuff still seeped through. Other than that we spend a lot of time with just the three of us. We are quarantining rather strictly at the moment, so that we will be able to visit E’s parents for New Years Eve. I’ll keep it short.

This week I:

  • Did some invoicing
  • Paid salaries to our team
  • Spent quite some time on the phone getting my bank’s identifier replaced (the batteries ran out, and then it needs to be replaced entirely)
  • Went to the notary to sign some things w.r.t. the shareholders in our company. Also created and submitted some additional documents for the notary.
  • Had my sister and niece visit
  • Had the winter tires mounted on the car
  • Ordered a new laptop, as my 7yr old Macbook’s battery is very much giving up. I also made some additional redundant back-ups from what’s on that laptop.
  • Exchanged gifts on Christmas day, which was nice and beautiful
  • Spending Christmas with just the three of us, was very pleasant and relaxed I find.
  • Ordered a cheap tablet, to be able to do some work away from my laptop. As the new laptop may take several weeks to arrive, and I don’t want to rely on just E’s laptop in between.
  • Ordered 9 photo frames, to put more photos on the two window sills in my office room at home. It’s a hack basically, as I hope it will prevent me from storing random paper work on the window sills, which then remains there forever.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

One short week until 2021.