A week in which I felt much better than the previous weeks, and now looking forward with E and Y to christmas and the new year. As expected the country went into a renewed lockdown in the middle of the week, and in a stricter form than in March. For us nothing much has changed, we weren’t going anywhere anyway, except that Y’s holiday started a few days earlier, and will be at home until January 19th at least. Clients indicate they don’t expect to re-open their offices until next summer (when they estimate a large part of the workforce will be inoculatd.).
I used the week to finish up some things, to get ready to let go for a while. The coming week I will still do a few things, meeting payroll, writing a project proposal for next year, arranging a few things concerning the company with a notary, do some invoicing, and getting the winter tires on the car, but other than that it’s will be two weeks off until January 4th.

This week I

  • Submitted the new statutes of the Open NL association to the notary to have them registered
  • Submitted the needed material to the notary to change a few things in my company’s ownership structure
  • Sent in the revised proposal for a citizen science project to start in January
  • Brought a new laptop to a colleague
  • Had a board meeting with the Open NL association
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had the christmas tree delivered and decorated it with E and Y
  • Participated in a training session on presenting
  • Wrote a brief plan for the publication of opening up disaggregated bird counting data for a province
  • Had a end-of-year video call with the team
  • Discussed and approved the 2021 budget and employee planning for the NGO I chair
  • Did some gardening, pruning and mulching
  • Made a weekend walk with E an Y in the woods, as well as several through the neighborhood during the week
Trees holding hands
Yellow stagshorn, or ‘sticky corral fungus’ in Dutch

(images from during our walk today)

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