I had a bad week. It started out ok on Monday, but since then I’ve felt really awful. Too much stuck behind my desk, no flow, no creativity. No time to do something just for fun and for myself. It’s been a very very long time since I felt this bad. I think, with the grey weather I’ve been cooped up too much, and keeping everything afloat in this odd time has been wearing me down. So I started clearing out my schedule, keeping just the necessary parts, and deciding I won’t be doing anything in addition until the new year. Stating that and communicating it to others already helped. Around the weekend I focused on spending time with Y and E, and doing more tangible things like cooking food, and hanging a framed picture on the wall (see photo). That helped too.

This week I:

  • Prepared and delivered a training session on ethics w.r.t. to data, contextualised to a client’s organisation
  • Processed feedback on a project proposal and wrote a memo suggesting how we might adapt the proposal for further discussion with the client
  • Had a preparatory conversation for a session next week on the results of an assessment for the sustainable infrastruture team of a client
  • Had some of the weekly team meetings with clients, but also skipped one
  • Started journaling more to write myself out of my low mood
  • Had a client conversation about a visualisation tool I built with colleague S to simultaneously show the strategic and operational aspects of digital transformation work for a client. It’s turning into a sort of macroscope for this organisations digital transformation efforts.
  • Started going through the material for a session on Monday, which I’m taking over for a client’s colleague who has left the organisation. Turns out it’s more material than I anticipated, so better make it an early start tomorrow.
  • Ordered a treadmill, to get some more movement even if I can’t leave my desk. It’s a flat one that I can use with my standing desk.

Unprecedented, a print by Peter Rukavina, with a role for 3d printing to make it work on a letterpress.

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