We are at the end of November, and the past week felt somewhat better than the previous two. Not optimal though. I’ve decided to freeze my schedule for the rest of the year, meaning only doing things that are already scheduled and being very reluctant in adding new things to it. This so I can try and carve out more time to read things I want to read and to tinker with things.

This week I

  • Arranged for our ‘adopted’ christmas tree to be dropped off and picked up. We have a tree that gets replanted every year, and then returns to our house the next year. It’ll be delivered Dec 17th, and picked up Jan 7th.
  • Met payroll for the company
  • Did some invoicing. We’ll end up with 10-12% growth for 2020 compared to last year.
  • Interacted more with my notes and notions, using it more as a thinking tool. It slows down the creation process, simply because chewing on things takes time. As a result it is harder than before to maintain a steady pace of writing Notions, although I’ve kept myself on track to reach 800 Notions by the end of the year.
  • Worked on the role definition of an open data coordinator for a client, and an accompanying publication process design
  • Watched the Shakingtree Award session 2020 (see here my report about the 2018 edition for some background), and remembering Niels.
  • Discussed the ‘definition of done’ with a client, to estimate what tasks will remain after our project, so the client can start planning for its follow-up
  • Had our first board meeting with the newly (re-)elected board of the Open Nederland association, the Dutch Creative Commons chapter membership organisation
  • Had a board meeting with the Open State Foundation, discussing strategy for the coming time
  • Had the weekly client project meetings
  • Had a meeting between the Open State Foundation and the Code for NL foundation board to discuss where our strategic goals align
  • Worked on processing a number of interviews about sustainable infrastructure for a client
  • Outlined a training session on ethics w.r.t data usage, in preparation for next week
  • Started thinking about launching our own bookshop, and brainstormed names for it with E. I’ve spent a few hours on this now and everything that I can think of as a stumbling block to realise it, turns out to be easy to arrange when I look at it in detail. Finding customers may well turn out to be the only hard thing about it.

Spent this morning walking in the woods near Doorn