A relatively busy week, but otherwise uneventful. In the past week I have heard from more people I know or work with that have fallen ill with Corona, which is probably a good measure for the indeed much higher infection rate of the past month. Rules have tightened again, and me get tightened more, judging by the measures taken in countries around us who by all indicators are still doing better than we are.

This week I:

  • Spent the biggest part of the week on administrative stuff, as this week was the deadline for Q3 VAT returns for the 5 entities I file them for, as well as the deadline for the 2019 corporation taxes for my company, and the deadline for E’s and my 2019 income tax filings. I definitely could have made it easier for myself had I done some basic checks earlier in the year when it would have been less of a search for the right info. This is something I want to find a better practice for. Because the actual filing isn’t difficult or time consuming, it just requires focus. It’s the making sure that everything has been dealt with correctly that takes time, and I could handle that better well in advance of the filing deadlines.
  • Had the usual weekly meetings with clients, and met a new client project leader for one of our projects.
  • Worked on a project proposal, and discussed it with colleagues
  • With E went to the vet to have one, Lunel, of our two cats put down. She was 18.5 yrs old, and with us for most of the time E and I are together. She actively used up the other 8 of her proverbial 9 lives:she was a bit of an adventurer. But she was also tough, and ultimately her 9th life ended simply because of very old age. The remaining cat, Shiraz (our cats have wine related names, the first one was Chablis), at 15 years old, has now taken charge of the household, with the previous boss gone.
  • Had a board meeting with Open Nederland
  • Took a lovely walk early on Saturday morning

Leuvenumse beek, near Ermelo, where we took a walk yesterday

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