In terms of work a better week than last week, with its overkill of video calls. But I do feel a bit dogged down, not much sparkle at the moment.
This week I:

  • Worked on my usual projects for two provinces for most of the time
  • Prepared for next week’s general assembly of the Dutch Creative Commons chapter (I’m its treasurer)
  • Learned about using CSS grids
  • Made up a new Dutch word
  • Was interviewed for two hours about the Impact through Connection project I did with Frisian libraries. They are working on a low threshold guide for librarians to do these type of things themselves.
  • Celebrated the St Maarten with Y, the Dutch ‘trick or treat’ version (singing a song for some candy)
  • Worked on writing and finishing a project proposal
  • Discussed another project proposal with a client
  • Got asked to discuss a third potential project. With the other two it means the first half of 2021 is looking busy already
  • Did some invoicing
  • Participated in the biggest Dutch actually existing conspiracy, and perpetrated on children, Sinterklaas, who arrived in the country this Saturday, and Y receiving a first small gift in her shoe this morning. It was two Playmobil figurines of a queen and king, both with crowns. (I had accidentally stepped on and broken a crown of a Playmobil queen that was actually my own toy from 40 yrs ago.) To be rewarded with “Oh, this is really perfect!” My old queen figurine has now become the queen mother (she already had a little princess, so three generations of Playmobil queens now reside in the toy house she has.)
  • Participated in IndieWebCamp East 2020, enjoying two good introductory talks on designing for cognitive bias and variable fonts
  • As part of IndieWebCamp started shaping my site for presentation slides. At I’ve now uploaded some presentations in English. At I have a Dutch language one. Still playing around with those sites, but for the presentations I uploaded I have now embedded them in the blogposts they belong in. A page for a presentation, e.g. this one at Open Belgium in 2018 about data inventories, points to my blog, the download, the slide viewer, and shows the slides, or if available a video. They all have nice short memorable urls (e.g., that I can put on the slides themselves before giving the presentation. Next week I am giving a guest lecture, and I will put this set-up to use pro-actively for the first time.