I’m participating in the IndieWebCamp East 2020. It’s nominally held on US East Coast, but as everything else, it’s online. The 6 hr time difference makes it doable to take in at least part of it.

Day 1 started with two cool talks. The second talk was by Sarah Hibner about Variable Fonts. Her talk explains it all very well, so do scroll through her talk. In brief variable fonts are a single font file that contains all varieties of a font (whereas normally you’d load regular, italic, bold separately), and also allows custom varieties. That last bit, custom varieties, is where a bit of magic is, because you can have shape shifting font, and it will all be just one font file. An animated galloping horse was shown, and it is actually a font, where each of the ‘frames’ is a variant within the font. I don’t have a use case for this, but it did look like a lot of fun and rather hypnotising!

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