A pretty regular week, in which I had a harder time getting up early. But, that is now fixed thanks to daylight saving time having ended: I woke up at 5:30 this morning.
This week I

  • Some bookkeeping as a variety of VAT and annual tax returns are due by the end of next week
  • Renewed my Tinderbox license, so I could upgrade to version 8, which allows me to dynamically incorporate Obsidian notes into Tinderbox maps
  • Worked on digital transformation issues for a client, ao preparing an assessment for a department
  • Had a (remote obviously) breakfast meeting with my business partners
  • Had the weekly meetings with clients
  • Prepared and delivered my Ethics as a Practice remarks as part of our company’s informal event for Global Ethics Day.
  • Did an extensive team evaluation with a client for a microsubsidies for energy poverty project we did last year
  • Did a weekly review again, something I restarted last week. This second one was already much smoother than last week’s when there was a bit of backlog of things to get into the reviewing mode again
  • Met payroll for the company. It feels good that we are doing well as a company and team in these times
  • Made small bits of progress on trying to make my own IndieWeb compliant theme, that might turn this site into ‘neither a blog nor a wiki’.
  • Spent some time watching and reading GitLabs material on managing remote teams.
  • Started reviewing my experience using Obsidian for note takig in the past 3+ months

Spent quite a bit of time outside with our 4yo daughter in the pleasant fall weather. The park around the corner has many fly agarics popping up right now. We used the phone camera to have a look underneath.