A week in which I struggled to get down to actually doing something. Some days because of endless meetings, some days because I couldn’t get going and being tired, sometimes I did get something done but it was in response to something, not because it was on my list of things I wanted to do. As of Tuesday we’re in more strict lock down measures again, mask wearing now finally becoming the norm as well. I don’t mind much, we weren’t very mobile anyway to begin with.

This week I

  • Started following Gitlab’s online material on remote team management. As we’re definitely in for the long haul, I think it may provide some additional insights and tips (e.g. on maintaining good mental health within the team, or overcoming differences in preferences for asynchronous or synchronous communication)
  • Worked on a citizen science project proposal, didn’t get where I wanted it to be by now.
  • Had a chat with André Golliez to catch up and hear what’s going w.r.t. open data in Switzerland
  • Did some bookkeeping and invoicing, filed a tax return
  • Had our weekly meetings with clients
  • Had our own team sessions for those client projects
  • Took an in-depth look at a 3rd party proposal a client wanted me to look at
  • To get back to having a good overview of all the stuff I’m doing in parallel I did a full weekly review for the first time in ages. It cost me a number of hours to get there, but it immediately cleared up some fog and made me feel a lot less restless. I intend doing such reviews on a weekly basis again. Using markdown notes which link together actually means I’m in a better position now than in a long time to do a thorough review.
  • Took Y on a bonbon tasting tour after she asked what they were when we came across them in a bed time story
  • Came up with a design sketch for this site, trying to move away from the regular blog and pages/wiki set-up, towards something that invites exploration more and feels more individual.
  • It means that I probably need to develop a IndieWeb compliant WordPress theme from scratch, but somehow that sounds appealing if daunting as well. Working title of the theme is ‘Tondriaan’ pulling together my name and that of Mondriaan, a native of our city, as the plane division I ended up with reminds me of his work.
  • Didn’t write/blog much, and also didn’t make as many notes/notions as I would have liked.
  • This week it was 100 days ago I started a different note taking routine, using Obsidian. I want to do a write-up of my experiences.
  • Had an Open Nederland board meeting in preparation of the general assembly next month

Definitely not equivalent tot leaf peeping in New England, but enjoying the fall colors, near the neighbourhood shops, nonetheless.