A regular week, except for the mask wearing that is now becoming prevalent (until now it was on public transport mostly), and that E had a cold so ferrying Y around to school etc fell only to me this week.

This week I

  • Talked about our company’s ‘story’
  • Completed the migration from TextExpander to Alfred
  • Spent quite a bit of time on creating a holistic and zoomable overview of the digital transformation work with a client, that can serve both as a presentation aid, keep the connection between ambitions and projects visible, and as a monitoring and assessment tool.
  • Brought our junior colleague E onto the team for a provincial client
  • Played a bit with Foam as a potential open source replacement for Obsidian (both are viewers for my markdown files with notes)
  • Had a board meeting with the Open Nederland association, and initiated the steps needed to become a recognised charity in the Netherlands
  • Caught up with the director of the NGO I am chairing.
  • Had my weekly team meetings of the various client projects
  • Discussed a potential community stewarding project for citizen science in a Dutch city
  • Hosted a session for the internal learning program on networking I’m running these months
  • Went to the dentist, to have a first check-up of the tooth implant I received last week
  • Transcribed Maggie Appleton’s sketchnotes of Tiago Forte’s ‘Building aSecond Brain’, to be able to compare with my own system and reflect.
  • Prepared a presentation on Dutch base registries for Monday

Rites of passage. Y got a new bike. With 18′ wheels it’s her first bike suitable to take out on the open road. (Once we add the lights) It also means higher speeds, so now I need to cycle along her side, because walking alongside has now turned in running after her 🙂