Obsidian is adding block references to its tool in the latest build v0.9.5.. Thanks to Neil for pointing it out as a follow-up to a conversation we had last month on what block references are and how they’re useful. I’m on build v0.9.3 so will have to wait a bit, but Neil’s pointer also led me to read the release note of earlier intermediate releases, such as the version I am currently using.

That in turn made me discover new functionality I wasn’t aware of, but that does cater to something I encountered in my own use of Obsidian: if you search, you can grab the entire search results as a list of links to the notes that contain the search term, and have that as a note. That is very useful to me (would be even greater if I could populate a note with search results dynamically).

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    • Thank you John, that’s very useful! I also started using the Dataview plugin, which allows me to automatically list items based on e.g. date of last modification.

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