A regular week ending in a weekend away.

  • prepared and did the second ‘Networking 101’ session, our internal course on networking
  • discussed creating a ‘digital garden’ as collective memory for our company with E
  • discussed finding additional board members for the NGO I chair
  • worked on digital transformation for a client, designed a brief assessment and intake process for internal projects
  • weekly team meeting with the same client
  • brainstorm for new ideas to incorporate into the new Dutch Open Government Parternship action plan for 2021-2022
  • worked a morning in Amsterdam with the new director of the NGO I chair
  • weekly call with a client discussing implementing a data publishing platform
  • for the first time since late December did not have the weekly team call for the EU high value data study
  • closed my Slideshare account after 13 years
  • went to the theater with E
  • drove to Limburg in the south of the Netherlands for a long weekend. Had ao lunch in Maastricht and walked through the hills around Heerlen

A hidden pleasant terrace at the old city walls, on the banks of the Meuse

View over Heerlen

Imstenrader woods, near a farm built on the fundaments of a Roman villa

Quite a few badger castles in the woods. I had never seen them before.

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