A pretty normal week. I was better adjusted to Y’s new rhythm of starting school at 08:30, and was able to use dropping her off and cycling back home as a good way to start work shortly after 08:30. I did get up 6:15/6:30 using the first 30-40 minutes before Y and E wake up for some writing. Did not get much writing done though, blog posts nor notes. Picked up note writing over the weekend though.

This week I

  • Had a conversation with a client, going over the things we want to do in the coming weeks and months.
  • Did some invoicing and admin
  • Had our monthly all hands meeting going through our financial planning and discussing project acquisition.
  • Had an extensive call with another client’s team to pick up the work after everyone is back from the summer hiatus
  • Prepared a face-to-face session with a client’s team, the first in many months.
  • Held that meeting, using our offices (as the client’s office is closed, but we could accomodate our 6-person meeting maintaining distance and having ample ventilation
  • Transcribed all the output of the f2f session, so I can incorporate it into documents next week
  • Worked more hours than expected still on the EU study into high value datasets. After our final presentation last week there was some feedback to incorporate. It didn’t concern my chapters, but did impact a few things where my chapters were re-used and I discussed with my team colleagues how to properly do that and ensure meaningful outcomes.
  • Had a conversation with E about her work and planning for the coming time
  • Worked an afternoon in the garden, plucking apples, doing some pruning.
  • On Saturday we cycled into town, and had a drink on a terrace, Sunday we made a nice walk in the woods.

Into the woods this weekend…