Another half working week, as I am taking Thursdays and Fridays of this month. It did mean the work felt a bit squeezed into the limited time, as some things became more urgent. As a result I left some work I had planned to be doing until next week.

  • Did an interview for the EU high value data study, and worked on various aspects of the study
  • Discussed with the team how to incorporate feedback on that study into our report
  • Spent half a day in discussions with the EC on the final stages of the study
  • Did an interview with a candidate for the NGO I chair, and discussed with my fellow board members how to go forward in the hiring process for a new director
  • Had my ears cleared (which were closed up after swimming), so I can hear birds sing again
  • Saw the dentist for another step towards getting a tooth implant. The whole process should be finished by October, almost a year since the start of the processs.
  • Spent the long weekend with E and Y, visiting the Het Loo palace gardens, and playing tourist in our home town.

This week in … 1921*
The R38 airship crashed, killing 45 of 49 on board. It was to be the first of four airships built for WWI, but the only one to be built as the war had ended. It was sold to the US Navy and crashed during test flights in August 1921. The R38 airship was built near Bedford, which we visited on 21 August 2013, coincidentally the same week again. We happened past the hangars where the R38 was built, and I took the photo below, of these giant empty structures in the landscape.

(* I show an openly licensed image with (almost) each Week Notes posting, to showcase more open cultural material. See here why, and how I choose the images for 2020.)