An uneventful week, which is good.

  • Switched over making my month maps from Tinderbox to markdown files (A month map is a mind map I make at the start of each month for that month in which I describe the obstacles and hang-ups I expect in the stuff I’m working on, plus simple actions I can do to prevent hang-ups and overcome obstacles.)
  • Worked on some macro-economic open data impact estimates
  • Did the 2019 tax return for the Open Nederland association, the Dutch Creative Commons chapter I am treasurer of.
  • Planned and discussed interviews with candidates for the director’s position of the NGO I chair.
  • Left for Heemstede again for a few days of camping, returning home Saturday evening.

This week in … 1812*
The first ascend of the Finsteraarhorn took place (although the first independently verified ascend was in the 1820’s). With 4.274m the highest peak in the Bernese Alps, and the highest point of the Rhine drainage basin. It was the highest peak in Switzerland until 1815 when Valais joined the Swiss Federation.

Finsteraarhorn, photo mattosberger, license CC BY

(* I show an openly licensed image with (almost) each Week Notes posting, to showcase more open cultural material. See here why, and how I choose the images for 2020.)

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