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Visually, my calendar is stuffed. But a third of those chunky boxes are meetings with myself. Margin time, at least 1-2 hours every single day.

Interesting description of K.Q. Dreger’s day. It’s always fascinating to read how people really, not theoretically, go through their day. In this one some interesting little choices to see if they would help my own practice. Such as making your calendar appear fuller by blocking time for yourself. I usually avoid using my calendar like that, only put in ‘hard’ appointments with others. But it at times makes it appear to colleagues I have ample time for meetings, and so potentially pushes things to the bottom of my list while really deserving of much more priority.

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  1. Interessant. Niet eens bewust, maar ik gebruik mijn todo app (deels) ook zo. Dingen die ik beloof af te ronden staan er _altijd_ in. “your-word-means-something app”. Dan kan ik ‘t in ieder geval tijdig melden als zaken later klaar zijn 🙂

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