I’ve been keeping Zettelkasten style notes in Obisidian for about a week now, and this morning I made the first new connection between some of my notes / thoughts. It was a bit of a ‘well duh’ realisation, but one I never made explicit for myself before even if in hindsight it is obvious those two things were connected. I currently have 30-40 notes, and I was rather surprised I got a new insight at this stage where I’m still basically doing an ongoing braindump of the key elements of what I’m doing. A good way to stay motivated.

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  1. @ton Neat. I’m also trying out Zettelkästen, and I’ve found it useful in terms of improving my understanding as I read around a given topic. Atomizing concepts and explicitly looking for connections is a great way to clarify one’s thinking (and it would still be powerful even if I were to throw the notes in the bin afterwards).

    However, I haven’t done it long enough to actually get to the “ohhhhh look at this unexpected connection!” moment. Great to read about your experience.

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