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The combination of Obsidian and Zotero, which I started using for reading references, even looks like something to replace Evernote with. This is the first time I’ve thought that in the past 4 years for longer than an hour.

Coincidentally today was my annual renewal of my Evernote subscription. I guess that I now have a year to remove myself from Evernote 😀

Today I moved my daily notes (a bullet list of things I do during the day) to Obsidian from WP. It was a frictionless change. A next experiment will be to take a random recent note and a random recent bookmark from my Evernotes and see how I can add them to the Obsidian/Zotero combination in a meaningful way.

Start the count down! 😉

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  1. @ton I wish Obsidian was released under an open source license.

    Foam is interesting to me in part because it’s open source. Much more developer focused pieces it’s built on.

    • I wasn’t aware of Foam yet, thanks. Looks similar indeed. The whole install through terminal/clone from github is a bit off-putting for users like me though. Obsidian isn’t open source, true, but as it’s a viewer on my data, for now I don’t mind much. Maybe if Foam gets better, it will become the next viewer I use for my data. It’s all md text files afer all.

  2. @boris Yes, you’re right that that is a concern. e.g.… The license info on Obsidian to me reads like a not very thought through way of positioning the app, and it reads like no legal person reviewed that EULA. On top is ‘you’re leasing this copy of the app, not owning it’ stuff that I don’t really want to see anywhere near my tools.

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