This week completes the first half of 2020, 26 weeks of which 15 as part of the pandemic. We’ll be home during the coming summer months, working to keep my company running smoothly, although we’ll take days of for day- or weekend trips within the Netherlands. The past week I felt well, even if I still didn’t do a few things I should not be putting further off.

This week I

  • Prepared slides for an EU meeting
  • Participated in the EU meeting with all country representatives to present our findings for the high value data implementation law connected to the new PSI Directive
  • Went for an after lunch walk with E
  • Worked on our projects for a province
  • Did some bookkeeping, for the 2019 year report, in prep for a conversation with the accountant next week
  • Sat down with E to discuss some of her work plans for the near future
  • Spent a few hours cleaning up my hard drive as it was full
  • Had our first face to face all hands meet-up with the company, not for a meeting, but for an extended lunch in a small Italian place, located in the old Soestduinen railway station, in the woods between Utrecht and Amersfoort, followed by a short walk (as it was over 30C). Good to see everyone again after three and a half months, even if from a responsible distance.
  • Put out a job announcement for a new director of the NGO I’m chairing
  • Started out the weekend Friday afternoon enjoying my sister’s pool to cool down from the heat
  • Tried to do some pomodoros (25mins) to break procrastination, or rather cherry tomatoes (10mins)
  • Noticed how the Nova2 helps me read non-fiction, now that it’s a separate device from the e-reader I use for fiction
  • Found that hand writing my daily todo list on the Nova2 works well for me. I have a tasks app (Things) with which to track everything that is going on, but it doesn’t work well for me to select the few things I want to work on now. Handwriting them on a note I already regularly did, but I’ve now switched to writing them on the e-ink device. It’s a note for the entire week, where I move unfinished things to the next day.

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